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Choose your ending Oktober 26, 2006

Posted by Michael Andreas in Ego, Scraps.
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Time and time again, I will find myself in a situation where it’s me against the rest of the world. I’m quite aware that this is just a feeling, but it’s not too good for my health. People will ask me, “why do you this?” or “you have better option”. Each time I’m in this kind of frame, the voices inside my head goes something like this..

Why am I here?
Because this is what I can do.
I don’t excel at academic.
I don’t excel at business.
I don’t excel at thousands of other aspects of my life.

But this is what I do best;
To care for others.
So others may smile.
So others may live.
So that glimpses of miracle can keep fueling energy to our lives.

To be honest, I’m still trying to figure out “why” for 22 years.
One certain individual certainly can’t understand it in 2 years.
And I’m not expecting you to understand any of this in a blink.


Is it obvious? Oktober 25, 2006

Posted by Michael Andreas in Scraps.
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Is it obvious?
That what are we thinking?
In this world, I knew
That good is never enough

So should I listen to you now?
Should I be turning away

I can’t feel what you feel
You can’t do what I do
We’re in this together, so here’s the question…
Are we afraid of life?

The line between Oktober 1, 2006

Posted by Michael Andreas in Scraps.
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In this world
There is no half-trues
There is no half-wrongs
There is no half-good worth dying for..

So yes, there are possibilities
There are maybes
And there are those gray areas,
Where you can mix the black and white

But that all still doesn’t blur the line between.